Less Restrictions for Happier Clients

From December 7-12, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will focus on charter halibut for 2016 and many years to come. On the table are the 2016 regulations. Looking down the road, the council will also decide whether to move forward a portion of the Catch Accountability Through Compensated Halibut (CATCH) program by creating a Recreational Quota Entity (RQE) that allows the compensated transfer of commercial halibut to be held for the Charter fleet.

There will be no means to increase charter allocation without passage of the RQE and the implementation of CATCH.

SEAGO along with industry partners has been working for many years on making this program a reality. Moving the analysis of the RQE ahead is a critical next step.

SEAGO will be working hard at this meeting on your behalf. And, you can listen in online when our issues come up:?https://npfmc.adobeconnect.com/december2015.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at director@seagoalaska.org or 907.250.9549.

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