Get Involved

SEAGO is a membership-based 501(c)(6), and we rely on your investments to keep moving our issues to the forefront of managers minds. ?Member involvement can come in many forms:

  • Become a member! ?Membership rates depend on the size of your business and we will work with your budget to make sure your contribution is meaningful and comfortable to you.
  • Contribute miles: ?Our Executive Director makes a special effort to travel across Southeast Alaska to meet the fleet, in addition to travel for NPFMC Council meetings, IPHC meetings, PSC meetings, and BOF meetings in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. ?Miles would help her get to where we need her to go.
  • Make a one-time donation: pick a donation amount you’re comfortable with and take SEAGO for a test run. ?Sign up for the Newsletter and like us on Facebook to get a feel for what we do.
  • Host our Executive Director:¬†Forrest Braden loves living local when she travels in Southeast! ?Host her for a meal, a night, or a fishing trip to chat about current and upcoming fishery issues.
  • Have a special skill or some free time? ?In-kind donations are extraordinarily valuable to small non-profits! ?From website assistance to addressing envelopes, we’d love to share your time.