Programs & Advocacy

Issues will always confront our industry, whether they are about sharing fairly the conservation burden to assure a long-term future of the marine resources on which our future depends, or devising the smartest regulations to allow us to offer our customers a predictable and satisfying experience, around which we can all build our businesses and benefit our fellow Alaskans.

Our goal as SEAGO is to always be an effective voice on all the challenges confronting charter fishing in Southeast Alaska. And that will require building the credibility and clout to gain the seat at the table charter fishers have never had:

  • A charter/sportfishing seat on Board of Fisheries
  • A charter/sportfishing seat on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
  • Access to the Governors office and the Governor
  • Access to the Commissioner at Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Consideration at all levels of decision making. Currently when the state and the feds move forward they check in with commercial organizations for input. We expect the same for SEAGO
  • An understanding that the guided sport industry is a major contributor to the economy of our communities, Southeast, and the State of Alaska.
  • A comprehensive solution to increase the guided sport (charter) sectors allocation by integrating it into commercial halibut Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) program – RQE.

SEAGO works tirelessly to give our industry a legitimate voice in our future.


Charter fishing requires two things to succeed ? a sustainable resource and regulations that support a predictable, sustainable industry.