Flowchart of Halibut Management Decision Process


  • ADF&G Releases Preliminary Season Harvest Numbers
  • CMIC meets and discusses possible management alternatives for ADF&G to evaluate


  • IPHC releases end of season Stock Assessment/Catch Tables which are used by the CMIC and NPFMC to make recommendations to IPHC for next season’s management regime
  • CMIC reviews Catch Tables & ADF&G evaluation to recommend management decisions to the NPFMC
  • NPFMC makes management recommendations with input from CMIC to IPHC


  • IPHC discusses and adopts next season management?regulations with input from NPFMC recommendations

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council?s (NPFMC) Charter Management Implementation Committee (CMIC) was established to develop recommended management alternatives for the charter halibut fishery in Areas 2C and 3A.

Requested changes to management measures are suggested by the Committee in October of each year, then evaluated by ADF&G staff to estimate their impact on charter halibut catch. The Committee recommends management measures to the Council in December of each year.

The ultimate decision on halibut management measures is decided by the International Pacific Halibut Commission with input from NPFMC.